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  1. These are some cool tattoos that make me want to get tatted up so i cant get a job, but then i remember i want a job.

    • I am covered in tattoos and I have a well paying, government job. Its 2015, if you’re going to post an ignorant comment, you should probably think about the year and what is accepted now a days first.

      • I had a government job and they definitely did not like tattoos that show, therefore his comment is valid. Most jobs don’t but as long as you can cover them you’re good to go.

      • LOLs you mean dependent upon the government cause you couldn’t get a real job. Congrats….. SMH.

      • I work in a hospital and they have tattoos showing from the cleaners to the doctors….2015…noone cares anymore!!

    • I am covered in tattoos….and I have a job…a legal job…high paying job…in a fancy office job…with all the time off I want job…and still get paid the same job…and I love my job…and I’m covered in tattoos.

    • You might not be able to get a job in a small town in Kansas. Most of the world now knows that tattoos don’t mean you’ve been to prison, or that you’re in a gang.

      • Uh, I live in Kansas. We don’t care here either. I have tattoos on my arms to my hands and I have never not had a job. Lol.

    • I don’t have tattoos and I don’t have a job. Judging from these comments, perhaps I should get tatted up to get one.

    • By your statement you imply you have no job? If so, get off your arse and go get one, as for not getting one if you have tattoo’s that show, i refer you to Dr Matt Taylor, heavily tattoo’d man, who just happened to land a vehicle on another planet. Prick!!

    • Lmao , tattoos are simply someone expression of the person, anyone is allowed to express them self, many people have jobs who have tattoos. I know a lot of successful people with tattoos. You are being judgemental.

      • I’m more worried about your horrible writing and grammar than what you look like. My guess is those “companies” no longer exist because no on understands what you say.

    • In my opinion the act of getting tattooed is stupid; simply because to me it is like grabbing a pen and drawing on yourself and just wishing it never got washed off. Will you really luuuuuuuv that design on your arm forever? People change and I’m sure at least some people ask themselves what the fuck were they thinking when they got a picture of a zombie biting another zombies dick off tattooed on their forehead.

      • Anonymous, you are welcome to your opinion. But also respect others opinions and do not generalize or stereotype all of us that have tattoos. I was the 2nd in my family to have a tattoo after my oldest son showed me his 1st tattoo. I did not get a tattoo until the age of 47. The reason I waited so long was closed minded people like you. Everyone I know personally that have tattoos -have them as a special meaning for them. I love my tattoo and have a good job & am a President of a non-profit organization. And all the people I deal with don’t care about my tattoo. I know many people that didn’t get tattoos when they were younger because of close minded people such as yourself.

      • ….are you into zombie dick biting or? Do you realize how ignorant you just sounded? “Are you really going to luuuuuuuuuuuv that design forever”, obviously or i wouldn’t get the tattoo derp =B
        Having your opinion is fine, you don’t like tattoos, cool. They are stupid? Not cool. I think you’re stupid. Cool?

      • He,y I hear that comment a lot about tattoos. The oldest tattoo I have is about ten years old, and I have changed a hell of a lot since then. For me, amything that I have inked permenantly under my skin is an expression of something incredibly important to me. Yes, I have changed, but my tattoos are a snapshot of the person I was when I got them, and for me at least they represent profound moments of emotion, epiphany, and understanding of the person that I am. Will I always feel the way I did in that moment? Of course not. But I will always respect the depth of feeling that led to my decision and cherish a moment of clarity in a life that hasn’t always contained much clarity or certainty. Yes. At least, I don’t ever want to turn into a person who doesn’t.

        If a tattoo seems like a decoration, a cliche, or a trite theme to you, don’t judge. Don’t jump to conclusions. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. How people choose to express themselves is not always immediately comprehensible to other people or easily put into words. We use images because there aren’t always words that can concisely cover they messages we want to reveal. I have an anchor tattoo. I’m sure people see it and think, oh, there’s some douche with an anchor tattoo because they thinks it looks cute. Well, I think it looks damn fantastic, but that’s not the whole point. I have an anchor tattoo because some of the best experiences of my life were with sea cadets – and because I became chronically ill when I turned 18 and had to give up my lifelong dream of joining the navy. It’s also a reminder to myself. I always wanted an anchor, but I was in a emotionally abusive relationship in my early twenties. He didn’t like to be reminded of anything I had ever enjoyed or found fulfilling, especially if it involved men I dated before I knew him, if it didn’t involve him directly. I made the decision not to get the tattoo because I knew it would upset him, and I decided to cut hings out of my life to make him happier. My anchor, in addition to everything else I said, is now an anchor to myself, to never again change the person that I truely am to please some jealous assbutt – to remember who I am, and what I am, and how my experiences have shaped me. No matter how bad I feel, when I look in the mirror and see my anchor, it reminds me that I can come through anything, no matter how tough, and remain true to myself on the other side.

      • I have a tattoo of a cross that I got when I was 18. Now I am 30 and have been an atheist for quite sometime. I suppose there is some validity to your argument but I am not bothered by it at all. I have some meaningful and philosophical tattoos and some that are just absurdb and silly. Honestly the silly ones are the ones I think are the most enduring. As tome goes by philosophies and values can change but silly things will always be silly.

    • You’re an idiot. Just saying. I have tons of tattoos, I’m 26, look like a punk, and work a job that most people would die for. I have over 50 major clients and none of them say a word, because you know what? I’m a hard worker and have a good resume’ I’m also not an idiot about what I have tattooed on me. Think before you speak man, if you want the tattoo then get it. Plus there is the most space under your shirt. Think about it.

    • Seriously I am an elementary teacher that has a lot of large tattoos. If you want a job that wouldn’t be okay with it you get them in places you can cover. And if I noticed right none of these were on the face. Some went on the neck so tougher, but still able to be covered.

    • Your a moron, look at societies standards now. Billionaires own foot ball teams and many doctors are even covered in tattoo’s now….get out of the sticks man.

    • Don’t worry. According to everyone on here, there is NO stigma associated with tattoos and you will be earning six figures in no time. FACE TATTOO: GO!

  2. I respect the talent, but the last one is the only one I would enjoy on my body. Just not my style. But like I said, the talent is there for sure.

  3. If you’re the kind of person who just wants tattoo’s because they look cool, that’s fine. I’m more of a person who’d get a tattoo for meaning, not just to look good. Most these tattoo’s just seem to be art, and that’s it. A lot of it just looks like splashed on paint onto someones skin, there are some I enjoyed but I’d never myself get them. He’s got talent, and he’d be great for people who just like to look all tatted up but for me, I’ll stick to the ones that will tat you with something more special than art. 🙂 My friends grandpa was in the navy, so his grandson got this badass looking anchor on his arm with his grandpas navy status on it, and a navy hat hanging from it, he got it so it reminds him of his grandpa and everything his grandpa did good in the world.

    • The “meaning” would be enjoying the art to the point of wanting it on my body. This whole “meaning something” is a really old an worn out notion regarding tattoos. It clearly means something if a person is putting it on their person. You may not believe it means enough, but the great thing is, it doesn’t matter. Does the painting I hang on my wall have to mean anything beyond the fact that I want to look at it? Is there a scale of “meaning” we should refer too before tattooing art on our bodies to make sure it means the right thing?
      As for the “looks like splashed on some paint…” – this artist specializes in water color art, so yes, splashed on paint.

    • Most of these artistic tattoos have more meaning then your’s friends anchor and a navy hat… Just read between the lines, you fool, and open your head for a bit more imagination and interpretation…

    • AND ART IS NOT SPECIAL???? Whaaa?? Every artistic piece has a story…it may be a story of valour or a sad story…expressed in many different ways and styles. Every one of these pieces told me a story…and something about the recipient as well. Everyone has their own taste in art…and an anchor that tells the story of the grandpa is in no way different than a few black lines that may also be telling the story of a grandpa.

    • Have you ever thought that those tattoes that look like paint has been splashed on them might have meaning to the person wanting it? If you’re going to criticize do what your mother thought you ” think before you speak”

    • In my opinion, getting a tattoo with a specific meaning is likely a bad idea. Something that holds a lot of importence to you now may seem vapid and boring… even irritating in ten years. This is the same sort of thing as the reason you shouldn’t get your boyfriend or girlfriends name tattooed on you.
      If your tattoo is about aesthetics then you are more likely to like it later. It’s always a risk of course, but a specific meaning isn’t going to help, and I honestly think that it’s as tired cliche.

      • ya totally lets just forget the whole meaning of tattoos, where they came from and what they represent and lets just plaster ar body’s with tattoos that mean nothing because it looks cool and is hip .

  4. Who are you to say that these tattoos have any more meaning than his friend’s tattoo does? I doubt you understand the “meaning” behind much of any of these tattoos. Get off your high horse you pompous pseudo-intellectual

  5. I love the tattoos on here and I see people still judge people by tatts but I live in San Diego and we make great money and have great jobs so what does a tattoo got to do with a job you do good

  6. This just made me realize how different the styles differ between countries i had always wondered what kinds of ink other people got and write the talent over sea is amazing

  7. Some of these tattoos may not even be about meaning for the person receiving the tattoo. So many people neglect to see that many tattoos are about the meaning for the person GIVING the tattoo. They prefer to express themselves on a canvas of human skin in all its beauty and colors and I think that itself is beautiful.

    • I would enjoy being the support of these “paintings” and showing others the artists work! It’s how you’ve said it a beautiful way of seeing things!

  8. These are skilled, beautiful pieces- but they are Art in a very contemporary sense, meaning that unlike a traditional tattoo most of these will date very, very quickly.

  9. If this post never dies than in 20 years these people should post what their tattoos aged into. Im curious if the reason some of these styles havent been seen before in tattooing is because they typically become indistinguishable over time and people prefer to have designs that last. Could be an interesting social commentary in the history of tattooing.

  10. this is pure art, the amount of skill it takes to get a tat t look like paint, pencil, evocative creative, rampant and ritualistically precise all at once. My sincere respect from one artist to all of you, whom have certainly surpassed me.

  11. And yes that certainly would be an interesting social commentary, but you know, there is something to be said for clean lines, or a burst of Rothko -like colour, something that is artistically and aesthetically measured, that always holds appeal. I was looking at the work of an 80 yr old artist that just passed, I wasn’t that keen to check it out because I thought it would be dated watercolours, but to my surprise her work look like it was done this year even though some stuff came from the 70’s and even from the 50’s. her work is geometric, has bold colours, and outlines. I don’t think people shld worry about this kind of work being dated, and I think people are getting stuff like this today because tattooers have pushed the boundaries and refused to believe their work is not art but just outline and colour and a prescribed way of drawing something. I think the use of computer graphics is also lending a new dimension.

    • HAHA! Ya how does it choose? So neat.
      That’s cool tho, about the older artists work holding up over time.

    • I think that’s the best thing about it !.

      I wanted to be a tat artist at one stage and my biggest fascination is that your work lives breathes and disintegrates with its host. It is fleeting, it is being put into the world and allowed to disappear within it, like a gift of art to the world which is given with a certain humility which understands that once complete it is let go off, perhaps never to be seen again and that one day it will eventually disappear and reappear transformed as organic as the earth and man itself.

      That image attaches itself to that place and time only, and as its place marker will change as time and space moves on, up and around us. It makes it all the more worthy of being a appreciated as a joy of this very moment, that only very few people will have the pleasure of sharing, a gift to the ebb and flow which envelopes everything in the end and transforms it into something new.

      That being said I find the practise of saving a tattooee’s skin after death and displaying it as a painting is one I too find highly appealing. I love the morbidity of it, the idea of it having to b skinned off and then being able to visually trace the persona on the donors piece through the visual manifestations of his/her journey. It would be so great to postulate on what motivated each decision.

  12. Wow, these tattoos are so unique . Each of them is just like a masterpiece. I’ve never seen or imagined that tattoos can be so artistic . I think I might be in love with these ones.

  13. Wow, these tattoos are so unique. Each one of them is just like a masterpiece. I’ve never seen or imagined that tattoos can be so artistic. I think i might be love with these ones.

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  15. I have tattoos and im a male nurse I guess you will be judging my tattoos when im saving you’re life?

  16. Omg! Really!?! “The coolest tattoo artist in the world” !?!?! The artist is a skilled illustrator but you couldnt pay me to have 90% of those tattoos. Almost all of the fine line and intence colors he does are going fade and blurr in 5 years and look like smudged ink. Unless the costumers want to look like a pile of puked up smudged out ink later on in life.

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  18. these all look really cool and also fresh what i want to see is how well they hold up and how they look 10+ years later

  19. why is everyone wasting time talking about job security with tattoos? I haven’t read more than one comment about how Amazing some of these pieces are..I’m blown away by the artistry. The first artist is a revelation! The space-lit deer head is a masterwork in fullness of color! The dotted tattoos are spellbinding!

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